If there was ever a place that one could go to for recognition,
whether you write music, lyrics, poetry, small rhymes or even
short stories, then this is the place for you.. World wide
recognition, available on the world wide web. Right here, right
Lone Stars Magazine
is now actively available on the
World Wide Web. We are
constantly working to improve
the website, so that one day
you will be able to publish and
browse the magazine from
right here. The Lone Stars have
a right to be heard, and as the
editor and publisher of this
site, my ears are always open.
Feel free to voice your
opinions about this site on the
contact us page. I will take all
considerations seriously.. This
site is about you!!
Written & Recorded by Michael Alvarez
All Rights Reserved
Produced by LONE STARS Magazine
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All Rights Reserved

By Author
LONE STARS Poetry Magazine

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In gratitude for his services, we agreed to tell him which melody
everyone likes best.



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