About Our Business;

The Creation
LONE STARS Magazine was the dream child of one Milo Rosebud.
Wanting to share in his ability to write and publish his poetry, Mr.
Rosebud decided to create a catalyst for others to also do the same.
After spending many years in planning and development, LONE STARS
Magazine became the leader it is today. Back before computers and
technology, LONE STARS Magazine was produced and published by
one man in an attempt to broadcast his poetry to the world around him.
Almost 30 years later this dream has become a brain child for other's to
also share in their fascination for poetry, thus bringing fourth the
Publication it is today. Now, as an International Publication, LONE
STARS Magazine is in it's 29th year of publication. One man's dream
became reality and it now reaches countries like Japan, England,
Switzerland and even Holland. But, knowing this doesn't even temp Mr.
Rosebud to approval. No, Mr. Rosebud would like to see his magazine
published in different languages, he wants to see it sold and marketed
in different societies, different cultures and different traditions. He
wants LONE STARS Magazine to become a household name, the
fore-front of what the world sees as a means to publish and share their
ideas with the world. You as a writer can make that happen. Short
stories, poetry, word art, drawings and even designs can be published
in this magazine. It's not only about poetry anymore, it's about sharing
your talent with the world, allowing others to see and even witness the
abilities that make LONE STARS Magazine different from other
publications. So, this is an open call, if you can draw, write, diddle,
create - please send us your works. The Poets are the LONE STARS.
Make sure you sign you creation so the rest of the community, "The
LONE STARS" will know WHO you are, and what you can do. When you
submit, please include a SASE and an email address where you can be
notified about the publication of your Creation.  Please allow 4-6 weeks
for a response. Together WE can make LONE STARS Magazine better
then our competitors. Nothing is impossible as long as you have the
courage and patience to create and submit..
LONE STARS magazine
Lone Stars is
published thrice a year.
Lone Stars Magazine is
Poetry on Paper.
Listed in "Poets Market"
since 1994.
Written & Recorded by Michael Alvarez
All Rights Reserved
Produced by LONE STARS Magazine
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All Rights Reserved

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