LONE STARS Magazine Has been publishing for 25+ years, and is presently in
layout with issue #92. Please feel free to google LONE STARS Magazine, we need
the hits..

LONE STARS Magazine,of San Antonio, TX. and Conceit Magazine, of San
Francisco, California are presently conducting the 12th annual "Light of The Stars"
poetry contest.

LONE STARS Magazine has numerous ongoing "The Write Idea" poetry contests.
Please send SASE for information.
    LONESTARS Magazine accept all kinds of poetry. SASE for guidelines. If you
    know someone who would like to put their works in publication, please feel
    free to share this information with them.. We Are The Lone Stars.


Seeking one time rights, only.

Previously published work accepted.

Limit of 5 poems per submission.
(One poem per page.)

US Mail Preferred
(prefer 32 lines or less)

Single spaced, Camera ready.
(The way you would like to see it in-print)

Name and address on each page
SASE must be included for reply.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for response.

Email:  lonestarsmagazine@yahoo.com
NO attachments , please
One poem per body of each email
The latest issue of LONESTARS
Magazine is currently in print. All of
those who have donated to it's
publication, please accept my deepest
apologies for it being published so
late. Life and work have contributed to
it's tardiness. For all of those who
wish to enter your works, the next
issue will be in print immediately
following this current issue #92. I want
to thank everybody for their patience
while We prepare for this next
publication. I would also like to take
the time to wish everybody a Very
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Keep Writing!!
Terry Lee has just recorded his third
album. He wishes to share his
enthusiasm and his thanks to Lone
Stars editor Milo Rosebud for
producing, directing, and recording. It
has been a long road and the
recordings are indeed a step in the
right direction.You can purchase a
single copy or a complete set of
Compact Discs. They are available for
a small nominal fee of $6.00 each or
the whole set for $15.00. Please be
specific in the volume or volumes you
wish to purchase. Volumes are as
Vol.1; SoloS, Vol.2; Dreams, Vol.3

Also, The Jazz Poets of San Antonio
have released their own recording on
two formats; Compact Disc and
Digital Video Disc. If you have never
heard of The Jazz Poets of San
Antonio, feel free to look them up on
their Facebook page. It is indeed a
prospect to be shared. Five
individuals have gotten together to
play Jazz music, while poets such as
yourselves get on stage and share
your works with the very community
you live in. It really is a show to see.
Poetry is the Conscience of Mankind...
By; TerryLee
Light of the Stars winners see
about us page..
Congratulations to All the
Written & Recorded by Michael Alvarez
All Rights Reserved
Produced by LONE STARS Magazine
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